Thursday, July 14, 2011

Age: A Conversation With Luke

Eating dinner at Stevi B's Pizza Buffet earlier this week (what can I say, we were weak, but we had a coupon!). They have a small selection of arcade games in the back. Note Luke is 3 months shy of turning 7.

Luke: Can I go back and play games?
DH: Let me finish my pizza first.
Luke: But I can go back by myself!
Me: Luke, you're not quite old enough to do that yet. [Note: I was much more concerned about the other kids who were being totally wild back there than Luke doing something.]
Luke: What about when I'm 8? 8 is lots older.
Me: Probably not, but we'll see. It's not really about a number.
Luke: What about 10? 10 is like a big kid! Big kids can go back by themselves.
DH: Maybe when you're 35.
Luke (horrified): Noooooo!! I just want to be 10.

Currently feeling: apparently we have one foot in the grave

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  1. Luke is wise beyond his years. You've got a smart one on your hands for sure.


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