Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Downsizing Diet

I saw a number on the scale this morning that I haven't seen in at least 4 years. Would really rather not say precisely, but the center digit of the 3-digit number is now one lower than my usual weight, and two lower than my highest ever weight (which was earlier this year, I think in February). I was again nearing that highest ever weight around Memorial Day this year.

As of this morning, I have officially lost 11 pounds (5 kg) since then! And that includes eating slightly less than half the brownies I made the other night (finished off the last one last night). About 4 pounds of that was walked off in Boston. The rest came from having to make sure that each meal I've cooked at home since Boston yielded at least two leftover lunches. It is amazing what happens when you suddenly can't afford seconds on dinner, or when you stop drinking more than one soda or glass of milk so it will last longer. I also can't help but wonder if simply eating home-cooked food as opposed to restaurant food also contributed. That's all I've done. I'm not exercising (bad me! need to be); if anything I'm moving less in a given day because I'm not back and forth to my "office" anymore. It was just a small change in what and how much I was eating.

I don't especially recommend The Downsizing Diet. It causes lots of other problems, like stress. I can tell my stress levels are ratcheted up way higher than normal because I'm getting mouth ulcers (canker sores). It has been years since I've had more than maybe one in a year, and I'm now working on my second one in a month. Plus, if I keep losing weight, none of my clothes will fit, and I can't afford to buy more right now! Since I've already made the lifestyle changes that have caused the weight loss, there's no reason not to continue with those changes even when I get another job. Hopefully, that means that whatever weight I lose this way I will be able to keep off forever! Guess we'll find out.

Currently feeling: slightly hungry, but lighter


  1. Weigh to go!;-) If you end up needing new clothes you can also look at thrift stores. It's better to buy clothes there when you are in transition sizes anyway. No need to keep spending money on brand new clothes if you continue to lose weight. Sorry you are having stress. Unemployment is so hard. =(

  2. I second the thrift stores (and consignment shops) idea for transition sizes. Having gone through my own rather long and complicated weight loss experience, I can tell you that both quality and quantity of food makes a HUGE difference. Might I also suggest to help with stress, that you walk? I have found when I'm really stressed it is helpful to put on my earphones and walk for 30 minutes or more. I can think clearly, and the movement actually helps level the cortisol levels (bad hormone from stress). Not to mention more calories burned!


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