Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pavlov is alive and well

Twice this month, we have proved that Pavlov and his theories on conditioning are still hard at work. The first time was at the very beginning of the month. The front doorbell rang, and Luke says "is it pizza?" Never mind that it was 9:30 AM! No, honey, it's not pizza, it is a mail delivery. I'm a little embarrassed that this was his first thought! LOL

The second time was less than a week later. We put Luke to bed, then DH went out to pick up just a couple of things from the grocery store. As soon as the car door slammed, indicating he was home, Tigger (our cat) got up off the sofa and trotted over to my chair, jumping up on the arm. At first, I had no idea why she did that. Then DH came in, dropped off the things in the kitchen. She was looking at him very expectantly, and I finally figured out why. She thought he had gone to Dairy Queen! Sadly, that is the usual pattern: put child to bed, dark outside, DH leaves and comes home quickly with ice cream. I am both amused and dismayed that we do (well did) it often enough that she makes the association. Who says cats can't be trained?! LOL

Currently feeling: a bit embarrassed

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  1. LOL. We certainly are all creatures of habit, aren't we?


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