Monday, July 11, 2011

New Blog: Movie Muse Gets Thrifty

Okay, I've been babbling to myself for a week now. I figure it's time to put it out there. I've started a new blog to whine and babble about our new money situation and what we're doing to fix it (or work around it for now). Even if I get a new job quickly, some of it is things we should be (have been!) doing anyway, so those types of experiments (like trying various generics) will continue. It's really more for my own record keeping than anything, so I know which experiments did and did not work.

There are plenty of frugal or tightwad blogs out there; I promise you mine is nothing new or earth-shattering. Still, if you want to follow along, feel free. Posts over there won't show up on Facebook or in my Twitter stream, so you'll have to follow or subscribe (or, shock gasp, visit the actual blog periodically! LOL) to see if there is anything new. If it isn't displaying properly, let me know. And of course, I am open to any suggestions anyone has!

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  1. Good luck to you with your plans, Erin! It's never easy to change habits but you are realistic about doing what you can. I'm not offering any advice because the differences between the way of life in the UK and USA are huge, but I'll follow your efforts with interest and sympathy.

    remember you can sometimes make double size meals and freeze half for another day/week - useful if something is on offer but you don't want to eat it 5 times in one week, and saves on cooking power.


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