Monday, November 21, 2011

Appetizers: A Conversation With Luke

At Applebee's for dinner.

[waiter brings our fried cheese stick appetizer]

DH: Do you want to try some?
Luke: No, thanks.
DH: Are you sure?
Me: It's like inside out pizza.
Luke: No, I don't want any.
DH: Okay.

[pause a few moments while DH and I start eating]

Luke (whining): I'm hungry!
Me: They're cooking your food. They'll bring it out when it's done.
Luke: But I'm hungry now!
DH: Gee, if only they would bring us some food that cooks quickly so we would have something to nibble on while they cook the rest of our food. Wait, look, cheese sticks!
Luke: But I don't like those! I want my chicken.
Me: I think you're missing the point.
Luke, No! I'm missing my chicken.

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