Sunday, November 27, 2011

Disney Rides: A Conversation With Luke

While discussing that Luke will get to ride a new roller coaster at Disney next year.

Me: Big Thunder will be closed while we're there.
Luke: Awww! That's my favorite ride!
Me: I know, but you'll get to ride a new roller coaster while we're there.
Luke: Yeah!! I love Disney! It has all my favorite rides except for some.
Nana: So there are some rides you don't like?
Luke (nodding): Mm-hmm.
Me: Like what?
Luke: (shrugs his shoulders)
Nana: So you like them all?
Luke (looking confused): No.
Me: So which ones do you not like?
Luke (still looking confused): I don't know.
Me (a little frustrated): So you *do* like them all?
Luke (equally frustrated): But they don't have rides at the mall!

[He was hearing me say "them all" and hearing "the mall," as in the place you shop.]

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