Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pinterest Inspirations for November

Yep, still a wee bit addicted. I didn't get to as many of these as I would have liked this month. Things just got busy at work. This one was actually done in October, though after my original October Pinterest blog post, and it is worth going out of my way to mention.

"Best Ever Hot Cocoa Mix" is how this pin was described. (Recipe here.) I have to say, this was yum! I don't think it is as good as my recipe that is made on the stove (I'll try to post that to my recipe blog before Christmas), but for an instant dry mix that's ready at any moment, it is quite good. I made half a batch, and I have a small food processor, so I had to pulse it in 3 batches. As you can see from the photo, the color is a little odd with the dutch processed cocoa, more of a gray/black than the warm chocolate brown most people are accustomed to, but it tastes really good. I actually thought it needed to be just a touch sweeter, so I added some extra powdered sugar (1-2 tsp per serving; I didn't measure exactly). I'd love to figure out how to get some vanilla in there, and I think maybe swapping some of the powdered milk with nondairy creamer might be good. I'll tinker with it, if I get a chance, but even as is, it is very good.

There were also a few more recipes:

Asian Turkey Meatballs (Recipe Link) - These were just okay. I thought they were rather dry, heavy on the ginger, and not enough soy sauce. Might be worth fiddling with, but there are so many other recipes to try, I'm not sure I will.

Hot Chicken Salad (Recipe Link) - This tasted very similar to a recipe I already make routinely (Ritzy Chicken Casserole), but mine is easier, and I prefer the sour cream to the mayonnaise. I'll just stick with mine.

Creamy Chicken and Rice Casserole (Recipe Link) - For comparison to the one above, I also made this one. It was quite good! I will definitely try again, maybe with some tweaks. I think I should have made it in a deeper and narrower vessel; it dried out a little at 9x13 size.

Didn't get to any crafts or anything this month like I'd hoped to, and as busy as December is looking, I don't have high hopes for that month either. Maybe I should make it a mini-goal to do a non-recipe related pin from Pinterest each month? We'll see.

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