Saturday, November 19, 2011

Life Magazine - Not Much Has Changed

Every few weeks, I run across a link to a LIFE Magazine photo spread. Most of them are very interesting and usually include links to a few never before published photos. I can't even remember what I was originally looking at, but I followed a link within the LIFE Magazine site to a list of the top 75 covers. While I disagree with some of them, it was very interesting to flip through them, especially in chronological order.

Many of the covers included only a photo, or at most a few words regarding the cover story. But there were a few years in the mid to late 50s where they included some other headlines on the cover as well. Here are the two that especially caught my eye.

"The Need for Better Scientists and M.I.T.'s Answer"
May 7, 1956 Life magazine headline

"Crisis in Education Part III - How U.S. Wastes Its Giften Children"
April 7, 1958 Life magazine headline

Not much has changed in 50+ years, has it? Sad. I think it would be fascinating to actually be able to read the articles. Anyone know of a (free) online source where I could do that?

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