Saturday, November 12, 2011

Last Soccer Game for 2011

The last game of our Fall 2011 U8 season was today. The last few games were in a type of "playoff" format where we played teams we'd already seen. We were fairly evenly matched with this team last time, though the score didn't really reflect that. I didn't do very well with the pictures or the video this time. This is about all I got that is worth showing.

This time, our boys played some of the best soccer we have seen them play. The other team only had 2 or 3 shots on goal, and they scored one. The problem was, we couldn't score a goal to save our lives! There were a minimum of 12 shots on goal for our team, and at *least* 8 of those hit the post and never went in. If we had paid the boys to hit the post, they couldn't have done it as well or as consistently. It was agony! Our only actual goal was a little roller into the net that the other team's goalie accidentally kicked in, and we ended up tied 1-1. That's okay, though. They had fun and played some really good soccer.

For some reason, starting at the U8 level, the league no longer supplies trophies to the teams. We all decided that wasn't fair, so we purchased some for the team. I was the trophy committee, and I think they turned out really nice. The boys loved them, which is all that really matters. :-) Looking forward to spring!

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