Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's the thought that counts

Luke's random moments of sweetness sometimes catch me off guard. (This won't be TMI, I promise.) When I went to use the bathroom this morning, I noticed that there was a brand new roll of toilet paper in the holder. This was odd, because I had just changed the roll a day or two before, so there was no reason for there to be a new one already. It was about 4 AM, so I didn't put much thought into the matter, and by the time we were up and running this morning, I'd pretty much forgotten about it.

During dinner this evening, Star started chewing on one of Luke's toys. We scolded her, at which point DH remembered to tell me that Star is now banned from the bathrooms because she has unrolled and partly shredded two rolls of toilet paper in the last 4 days, one in each bathroom.

Then Luke pipes up. "Yeah, when I used your bathroom last night, she had shredded that roll. [Note: that actually makes 3 in 4 days.] So I threw it away and put on a new one." Well, that's very nice of you (first time for everything! LOL), but you didn't have to do that. "But it was really shredded!"

I suspect he didn't want Star to get in trouble. He is very protective of her. We explained that while yes, there were a few layers worth that were ruined, over half the roll was still perfectly usable. We didn't fuss at him, we just said that the next time that happens, let us look at it and just tear off the damaged parts. It really was a sweet gesture!

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  1. That was sweet of Luke to cover for the cat!


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