Thursday, June 28, 2012

Super Summer 2012 - Mission Log, Day 8

Today was largely errand day, so not too many "campy" activities. After breakfast and Mythbusters, L played on the computer while I took a shower (I usually try to do that the night before), then we headed out. Hit a few stores, including Ulta, where I bought *nothing*! They had some OPI DS polishes *and* the new Layla Hologram Effects, and I still bought nothing. (It helps that those are $12.50 and $15.50 per bottle, respectively. Ouch.) We came home and ate lunch, then tried a little craft project.

The left of both photos is the first attempt by each of us. Turned out to be quite a bit more difficult for Luke than I expected, and mine's not so hot either (the yellow obviously doesn't work very well, and I had to fill in some huge gaps near the thumb due to my very not straight lines). Luke was extremely frustrated with his first effort, so we left it for a bit and then came back later in the afternoon. I put in the black "guidelines" on his second attempt, and he did the color lines in between, 2-3 color lines between each black line. Much better! I tried to get my lines closer together, but it limited the amount of space I had to "curve" in, so I don't think the effect is quite as pronounced. Oh well, it was a fun experiment, and we got to talk about optical illusions. (Yes, the idea for this came from Pinterest. Pin here.)

After being so good while we were shopping, especially at Ulta, and after being so disappointed and frustrated with the art project (before our second attempts), I felt he deserved to do something fun and special, so we headed to Steak 'n Shake. They have "Happy Hour" from 2-4 (AM and PM) on weekdays, where all drinks and shakes are half price. Vanilla for him, chocolate for me, no cherry on either.

We came home, and he played downstairs with LEGOs. Since DH and I won't be able to go out for our regular Friday lunch together tomorrow (I'm having lunch with a friend I haven't seen in a few years, despite the fact that she lives here in Atlanta!), he decided to take us all out for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We haven't been there in several weeks (used to be a regular Friday lunch for us, but not lately), and it's been several months since Luke was there. Luke was asking the other day why we hadn't been in a while (because you whined and complained about it and stopped eating anything (even tortillas and cheese dip), so we stopped taking you!), so we may as well try to reintroduce it. He downed all three of his tortillas and ate nearly half the cheese dip by himself. Um, okay!

I just love when he puts his head on DH's shoulder like this. I know he'll stop doing it soon, so I'm trying to enjoy it, and photograph it. Not the best picture (cell phone plus backlit), but I still like it.

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  1. Love the rainbow hand! I can't wait to try it with M. Great to catch up on your blog! I have lost all my links and am slowly adding them back.


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