Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Super Summer 2012 - Mission Log, Day 7

Well, another not-so-super slack summer day here. I didn't have much planned, and he was just having so much fun playing with stuff! He still got in quite a variety of activities today, just none of them "structured," and very few of them electronic. We did watch two Mythbusters, one with breakfast and one with lunch (voice shattering glass and Titanic suction/goldfish memory). Other than that and about 20 minutes of Bejeweled, it was LEGOs, wood blocks, playdough, or Star Wars figures. I offered various other things, but he wasn't interested. There was no Wii and no DS, since he wanted to play a particular game on DH's phone when he got home from work, so he saved his game time for then.

As I mentioned on Twitter and Facebook, I'm pretty sure this is what the inside of Luke's brain looks like. This is our basement. It pretty much looks like this all the time. He can leave the LEGOs out, however he wants, and all we have to do is close the door and ignore it! LOL I also had a few comments on the chairs. Those belonged to my late grandmother. They are just as fluorescent lime green as the photo shows, possibly even more so in person. I don't much care for the color, but I adore the actual chairs. They are vintage (at least 30 years old, probably more like 40-ish), but I also know from photos that this is not the original upholstery. They fit right into our vintage 60's era basement, though! I'll have them recovered eventually, whenever I decide to be a grown up and turn the living room from "the box room" into something actual adults have in the front of their home. I've been saying since we moved in that the living room was on the "5 year plan." We've been here 2.5 years now, and I don't think I'll have it ready 2+ years from now. Oh well! We plan to be here for a while, so there's time.

Hey, I just realized the little stinker got away without reading today! He'll have to do at least a little bit tomorrow to make up for it.

Currently feeling: happy with our mostly unplugged day

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