Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Super Summer 2012 - Mission Log, Day 1

Well, other than the rain and only taking one picture all day, our first day of summer at home went quite well! Luke slept until about 8AM, which is actually fairly typical for him when left to his own devices (7:30 plus/minus 30 minutes is normal for him), then enjoyed breakfast and a show. We needed to go to the grocery store to get ingredients for our first "cooking lesson" (and, you know, food, since we were out of town all last week), but first I needed to clip about 3 weeks worth of coupons. So he helped.

And how do I know it was time to go grocery shopping? Because it was raining!  ::grumble, grumble::  It was coming down pretty hard, and neither of us felt like getting wet, so we put it off until later. We had a snack, then swapped our afternoon errand for our morning one: hair cut! She asked if we wanted to go a bit shorter than usual for summer, and we said yes. Yikes! It is SHORT! Not quite buzzed in the back, but close. Note how "long" his hair is in the above photo (it is admittedly longer than he likes for it to be, covering his eyebrows and starting to cover his ears). You'll be surprised what it looks like in Thursday's photos!

Anyway, we came back and ate lunch. By then, it had stopped raining, so we were finally off to the grocery store. They've finished remodeling, so things should be more or less where they intend to be for a while going forward, but it's only my second time there since they finished, so I have no clue where most things finally ended up. I didn't realize that Luke hadn't been there since they remodeled. "They moved everything!" They did, indeed. Took us almost an hour for a not-all-that-long list. Hopefully I'll get the new layout learned sooner than later. Luke also accidentally dropped and broke a glass spice jar. It was truly an accident, and we didn't have to pay for it, but he was quite upset about it. "I'm so very sorry, Mommy." It's okay, sweetie! These things happen. I don't know if he thought he was going to be in a ton of trouble or what. Also not sure if that means I'm doing a good job as a parent, or if I'm being too hard on him. :-\

Anyway, we brought in the groceries, and Luke played on the computer while I put them away and did some of my own computer stuff. The snack we were intending to make needs to set up in the refrigerator, which is why the plan was to go to the grocery store and make it in the morning, so we could eat it in the afternoon. Oh well! Plenty of other snack options in the house. Then Luke played downstairs (the LEGO domain) and (sort of) patiently waited for DH to come home. No arguments, no meltdowns, and all major tasks (groceries, hair cut) accomplished. Our first Super Summer 2012 success!

Currently feeling: success!

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