Thursday, June 21, 2012

Super Summer 2012 - Mission Log, Day 6

Today's recap will be short and sweet, as there wasn't much to the mission for today. We got up around 8, ate breakfast, watched some Ninjago and Mythbusters. Then we packed a bag for Luke to take to my husband's office. After the pest control people came and went, Luke played LEGO Batman (a new-to-him Wii game), and then we met Daddy for a semi-annual Varsity lunch and afternoon at the office.

When we finished eating, the boys headed across the street to DH's office, where Luke will play toys and some DS while DH finishes work, then they will head over to Georgia Tech to play (usually ping pong, badminton or racquet ball, and some basketball) before coming home. And I get an afternoon to myself (which I "wasted" being perfectly lazy!). They'll be home shortly. Guess I should start thinking about dinner.

Currently feeling: what'll ya have?

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