Sunday, June 03, 2012

Super Summer 2012

Since I'm not currently working, Luke will be attending his usual summer camp only part time. He still needs to get out of the house and play with other kids, and they do fun speakers and field trips and whatnot. Not to mention that I need some time alone to job hunt (and if we spent every day together we would probably kill each other). But it is substantially cheaper for him to only go 3 days a week rather than 5, so he will be home with me the other two days (unless/until I get a job). I know it is a bit of a "right of passage" to just sit around and watch TV or play video games all summer, but I think that would also drive me crazy.

So instead, I have made it my mission to do some things together and have some fun that is *not* related to a screen of some sort. That's not to say there won't be TV and Wii/computer time each day, that just won't be the only things we're doing. We'll be cooking, crafting, and doing some simple science experiments, playing some non-electronic games and running errands, plus some reading, writing, and math, just to keep in practice for second grade. If I'd thought of it sooner, I'd probably have themed ours after the Olympics, but it's probably a little late for me to get that together now. (I saw someone on Pinterest who is doing a Harry Potter inspired summer theme for her kids at home [potions (science experiments), herbology (they have a garden), transfiguration (crafts), etc], which I think would be awesome if Luke was into Harry Potter already. They sent Hogwarts acceptance letters and everything. And completely unrelated, my spell check recognizes Hogwarts!)

My husband thinks I am going completely overboard with my list of things to do, but it's just a list of ideas. I have no intention of getting to everything in the 18 days we'll be together. I'm treating it a bit like Disney, planning a "big thing" for each morning and afternoon, with some smaller things "on standby" for any extra time we have. I'll try to document any of the neat or exciting things. Hopefully, we'll both have some fun while we're at it!

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  1. I love your summer plan. My two are 13.5 and 15.5 years old and I did not want them sleeping all day and then having their eyeballs stuck to the screen. However, I work so it isn't like I can plan stuff to do with them. What I did instead was have them each come up with a list of goals they would like to complete by the end of summer. Plus they have to read at least 2 to 3 books, learn how to cook and make dinner at least 4 times, and keep the house clean including doing all the dishes and laundry. That way they have some distractions from the screens and I feel like they are using their brains a little. ;-)


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