Friday, June 22, 2012

TKO'd by Granite

Unfortunately, I mean that quite literally. We have granite counter tops in the kitchen, and on the back side of the "breakfast bar," the granite overhangs the lower cabinets by a good 6-8 inches. (You can see where this is going, can't you?) I was in the kitchen getting my drink ready for dinner, and I dropped my straw. It rolled under the bar, so I bent down to pick it up. Not thinking about what I had done to reach it, I stood up rather quickly.

WHAM!! I cracked the back of my head on the granite overhang so hard, I staggered. In case you were curious, in a contest between granite and a human head (even one as hard as mine), granite wins. Thankfully, I managed to only shout "ow." (Well, more like OOWWW!) I can't even imagine what it sounded like from the den, but it was bad enough that DH immediately put down his Wii remote (he was playing LEGO Batman with Luke) to come check on me. By this time, I was breathing heavily, trying not to cry (it didn't work), leaning on the counter, but I didn't lose consciousness or feel dizzy. It just hurt! I sat on the couch and put some ice on it for about 10 minutes. Then we ate dinner.

While we were eating, I had a few mild waves of dizziness, but I didn't feel that was overly startling or concerning, given the circumstances. I had DH check my pupils, and they were equal and reactive. But just as I finished eating, I noticed a spot in my vision. *That* concerned me! It was like a "flash spot" when someone takes a flash photograph, but no one had. I could see it more when I blinked than when I was just looking around, but I could still see it. I thought it might be an ophthalmic migraine starting, but it didn't behave like one. It just stayed there, in the lower right part of my vision, stationary and not changing in size.

So I called my private nurse line (a.k.a. my mom) to see if I needed to go to the ER. She asked about my pupils, and asked that DH check them again over the next hour. She also had me lay down and relax to see if the spot would go away, then call her back in an hour. About 15 minutes after we spoke, the spot went away, and the dizzy spells stopped. There was also much less of a bump on my head than I anticipated. By the time the hour had passed, I felt much better. So basically, I just "had my bell rung" and needed some time to recover, but no permanent damage. It sure scared me, though, and is not an experience I care to repeat.

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  1. Glad to hear you're ok, Erin!! Wacking your head is not fun.


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