Thursday, January 29, 2004

A $40 lesson

This will teach DH and me two things: follow the established routine, and never assume the other person did something. At the grocery store on Tuesday night, unbeknownst to me, DH did the "cash back" option when we paid for our groceries. Now normally, this is not a problem. I'm usually standing down at the end of the self-checkout machine (we LOVE this feature) where the money comes out, so I pick it up with the receipt. This Tuesday, however, I was standing at the opposite end holding our cart that wouldn't stay put. We loaded up the cart, I remembered to grab the receipt at the last minute, and we left. Last night, DH was going to pick up dinner, and he says "where did you put the two $20?" Um, what two $20? "Ha, ha, very funny. The ones from Kroger." I have no idea what you're talking about. "Tell me you're joking?!" Nope. I had no idea he had gotten cash back (I wasn't watching him; I was still wrestling with the cart), nor was I at the end of the machine where it spits out, so I didn't hear or see them when they came out. Had I been in my usual spot, I would have picked them up, and I don't think he will ever just assume that I got the cash ever again. ::bangs head on wall:: So we had to scrounge up enough cash for dinner last night. A $40 lesson well learned. I hope whoever found it is enjoying it, literally at our expense.

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