Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Where have 4 days gone?

How the heck is it Tuesday already? It was *just* Friday, like, yesterday, right? (No, that can't be, as I'm at work right now; obviously not Saturday.) Sheesh. I did a lot more running around this weekend than is normal, so I guess that made it just fly by, and then yesterday was the first Monday of the new year, which meant work was bonkers. Quite a bit calmer today, but still a bit of a frenzy. 2003 Year End numbers are due by early next week, and we have a new upper management structure, so they want to know all the gory details. Joy. Data is all pulled, I think; now I just have to process it into 14 reports and 3 scorecards.

BTW, to hear a wonderful description of Tuesday's purpose and name meaning, please check out Kay's (Rambling Prose) Tuesday post on Tuesdays. It really made me smile this morning.

In stitching news, I am actually enjoying Chatelaine's Christmas Mystery, *despite* this first part being over-1 on 32 count fabric. I thought I would go cross-eyed, but after the first day, it has really gone well. No frogging even (knock on wood)! 9 hours so far, and I'm not even close to being done, but I am enjoying it, so that's all that matters. I'll post a pic if I do ever get it done (hopefully before the next part comes out). Also picked up a slew of new charts from my friend Sandy. She was doing her New Year's craft clean-out and let me take what I wanted from her "to get rid of" pile. Yeah, just what I need, more stash, right before doing my own clean-out! LOL Ah well.

You may notice that I don't have resolutions posted. I've done it in years past, but I always make too many, only a couple of which I'm really serious about, so why bother. Like most people, I intend to lose weight this year, but I really am serious about that one. I had actually started Body for Life in August last year, and did really well for 5 weeks. Then I got super-sick with bronchitis, which put any and all exercise on hold for almost 3 months, as I simply could NOT breathe. Then it was the holidays and I wasn't willing to try and start up something (yes, I was lazy). I gained way more than I thought I would (or even could!) over Christmas, so it's really time to get down to business. It's January, I'm on day 3 of the first 84-day challenge, and it's going pretty well so far. I'll let you know about any loss on my weigh-in day on Saturday, and you'll probably "hear" me babble about it off and on for the next few months. I also have new incentive to keep it up, but it's a secret, so I can't tell you (yes, I'm cruel in telling you that, but I hope to be able to elaborate soon; and no, I'm not pregnant, so don't get too excited).

Wow, that was a marathon post for me! LOL I haven't blogged that much in ages, but I had to make up for my December slackness. I feel another blog post coming on, but I'll save it for later, perhaps tomorrow. I'll let y'all soak all that in for now. Oh, and be on the lookout for a potential visual blog change. I'm on the hunt for a more personal template, and things are likely to fluctuate frequently over the next couple of weeks while I play and tweak. If I post one you like, just let me know! That's why I have the comment box, ya know?

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