Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Academy Award noms are up

Not that I think there is really anyone who hasn't seen or heard about this already, but I thought I would post a link anyway. Certainly some surprises, mostly in the *not* nominated categories, like Nicole Kidman (not nominated for Cold Mountain), and Cold Mountain itself not being nominated for best picture. And not that this is a surprise, but I was so afraid that he *wouldn't* get nominated: Johnny Depp for Pirates of the Caribbean. Seriously doubtful he'll win, especially up against Bill Murray for Lost in Translation and Sean Penn in Mystic River, but I'm still thrilled he was nominated. Of course, all of this is based purely on buzz. I haven't actually seen Cold Mountain, Mystic River (though it's on the list), or Lost in Translation, so what do I know? However, regarding a film I did actually see: why Master and Commander is nominated for everything under the sun is beyond me. I really didn't care for it. ::shrug:: Those are just my initial impressions. We'll find out in about a month. Hopefully, I'll be back from Myrtle Beach in time to catch the ceremony.

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