Wednesday, August 23, 2006

101 Things Update - August 2006

Credit: Blinkie Fairy

I've knocked a few of these off recently, so I thought it was time for another update. Recently completed are:

15. Rejoin the workforce - Completed August 21, 2006

28. Buy new undergarments - Completed August 2006 (various dates)

34. Print some photos of Luke and put them in an album - Completed 2006 (I have printed all of my scrapping layouts)

54. Replace ruby earrings - Completed August 19, 2006

74. Watch Firefly: The Complete Series on DVD - Completed August 18, 2006

90. Renew my passport - Mailed August 2006, waiting on arrival of new one

Currently feeling: making progress

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  1. Where did you print your LO's? I took them to Costco to print 12x18 but they said file size was too big. They were 6-8MB each! I have to resize them, but am concerned about the quality of prints. What were your file size and dimentions, and how is the quality? Thanks!


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