Thursday, August 17, 2006

Chainsaw neighbors

What is *with* my neighbors and chainsaws lately? First, the idiot chopping down the perfectly good tree before 8 AM on a Saturday. Now, my next door neighbor was kind enough to wait until 5 minutes after Luke went to sleep to start up with not one, not two, but THREE chainsaw guys less than 100 feet from my sleeping child.

Now, admittedly, he has an excuse. We had some huge storms come through this weekend, and a large chunk of one of his trees just snapped right off. I'm talking well over 30 feet long, and at least 8 inches in diameter. I am amazed it didn't do more than rip down the power line to his house (and only his house, thankfully). It is laying across his deck, but it seems like a lot of the other branches broke the fall, and it was on the side away from the house, so there is virtually no deck damage, and none at all to his house. Or ours, thank goodness! It didn't even get close to the fence (and we have tiny hards, so that could have been very possible). So yes, it needs to be done, and I am not begrudging him that. But I swear, they had someone on the inside (probably a kitty), just waiting for the signal: "okay, he's finally asleep for his first nap after talking for over 30 minutes; commence noise!"

Then again, I haven't heard a peep out of him since they started, and I'm fairly certain that, had they started when he was awake, he would never have gone to sleep in the first place. Apparently, he inherited my "sleep through most anything" genes. Hmm.... maybe I owe the alleged informants some tuna for lunch....

Currently feeling: tired of the noise, but thankful it is chainsaws instead of a fussing child

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  1. Thankfully not much was damaged. I want to get trees in my (future) yard but this kind of thing scares me.

    M wouldn't go to sleep if there is slightest noise, but he slept through the security alarm when he was a couple weeks old! DH had opened the door without disarming. Weird.


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