Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Tale of Two Poops

No, I'm not kidding. Yes, this is a post mostly about Luke poop (I'm sure he'll love this in about 15 years), and yes, I understand that most people will stop reading now (if they haven't already). And the rest is just a big long rant about my crummy day.

But first, a little background. Luke has always had poop issues. I always hated that question at the pediatrician's office. "How many wet diapers a day?" 4-6. "And how many bowel movements?" One every 3-4 days. No, I'm not kidding, and no, he was not constipated. That was just normal for him when he was breastfed. He pooped twice a week.

Then we progressed to solids, and rapidly progressed to pooping once a day. The problem with this is that it almost never stays in the diaper. It is pretty common for him to wear two pair of pants on a given day, and that's why we have like 10 pair of pajamas for him (because that is usually what he is wearing when the poop-through occurs). Most of the time I just wait so I don't mess up any of his "good clothes," so for anyone wondering why so many photos of him show him in jammies, or who wonders why my child is still in pajamas at 2 PM, that's why. It's been this way for over a year. It is not a diaper problem (adult size diapers would not contain this mess); it's just life.

Until this week. This week, we have progressed to two poopy diapers a day. He's always had nasty stinky make-me-want-to-puke smelling poop, so I have to say, changing such diapers twice a day is not fun. But what really aggrivates me is that I am not reaping any benefits from it. One would think that progressing to two poops a day would allow for pants to stay clean, since it is now being divided between multiple diapers, right? Nope, I am simply doing twice the laundry. GRRR!! I know it won't last forever. People swear to me that the time will come when I miss the diaper days, and perhaps they are right (I'll keep you posted on that one). I don't really object to the diapers, or even the poop-throughs. I'm used to it by now. But could we *please* keep it to one a day?

As for the rest of my day, I awoke to a huge pile of kitty puke at the bottom of the stairs (that I thankfully did not step in), Luke spent most of the day openly defying me (doing something I had explicitly just told him not to do), Luke threw his green bean jar (which thankfully did not break) into the floor splattering green beans not only all over the kitchen floor and walls but over eight feet away onto the carpeting as well, it was hot as Hades outside and we had to go run errands that Luke mostly whined through (thank goodness he wasn't screaming, though, like that one kid), and I still didn't find or get everything that I needed, despite spending close to $100 while we were out.

It did have a couple of good points, though. Since I had had such a rotten day, DH knew better than to ask me to cook, so he took us out to Golden Corral. Now, this had the potential for disaster, since the last two times we have tried to eat out with Luke, he has pitched an utter fit about sitting in the high chair (which has never been an issue before), but he did fine. I also have been officially contacted by HR to set up an interview for that contracting position. It was after business hours that I received the email, so I'll have to call tomorrow, but I'd say things are looking pretty good. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Personally, I will never miss nappies. Never ever. And in my opinion anyone who does must be slightly mad...

    I hope the poop situation gets better for you soon

  2. I'm with Joy--I will never, ever, miss diapers. There was a time during early potty training when I pondered how much easier diapers were (because then you didn't have to stop for potty breaks every ten minutes), but I never actually *missed* them.

    And the defiance thing is totally normal--he's testing his limits. It's a really, really hard part of parenting, but I know you'll get through it.

  3. Nope. I won't miss diapers either. In fact, I can send them to the person who misses them LOL
    Hope the poop issues resolve themselves soon for your sanity.
    And I'm way too familiar with the food throwing. Now, we have a rule that if M throws his food off the high chair, he gets a warning for timeout (thank you, daycare for introducing him to this wonderful concept). Second time, he gets a 1 minute timeout. Silly child, he loves timeouts and won't come out of them :)


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