Saturday, August 05, 2006

Vanilla Frosty?!

Why do I all of the sudden have way too much to blog about? Sheesh, it's either feast or famine. I still owe you my fan girl moment story from several weeks ago, but I think I know the right time to pull that one out in the future (give me a couple more weeks). I've seen lots of fascinating things while I was out and about lately, so I've been taking lots of photos with my (crummy) camera phone that I've been meaning to post. (Isn't there a blog system out there that is specifically designed to accept picture messages and text as a photo blog? Anyone? Bueller?) One of those items deserves an entire post in and of itself, and I think that is the one I will go with today. I had a couple of other things in mind when I started this post, but *naturally* I cannot think of them now. They're waiting for me to go to bed to pop back into my head.

So, the title of this post is Vanilla Frosty. Actually, since a picture is worth 1000 words, let's just get right to it:

See! Proof I'm not making this up. Not only do I have a photo of the sign, but I actually tried one. I can't say that I was wowed. It does taste exactly like you think it should, so I guess that's good. It is something between Dairy Queen and Chik-Fil-A. It took me a while to figure out why that wasn't enough for me to be happy with it, and I think I finally hit on it. It isn't anything special.

A Frosty (a *real* one, as in the chocolate kind) is a unique taste. There is nothing else like it, and if you are craving one, nothing else will do. That is part of why it has been so successful for so many years (IMHO). I don't see myself ever craving a vanilla one. If I want that taste, I can go almost anywhere to get it. Now it will be handy if that is what I want and there is only a Wendy's around. But I'd rather have Dairy Queen, personally. If I'm at Wendy's and I want something sweet, I'll just stick with a Frosty (chocolate, thankyouverymuch).

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  1. I tried to try one of these vanilla frostys last week. It was on the menu, but they weren't available yet. Argh! When I'm craving a milk shake (i.e. frappe in my world), I want vanilla. Don'tknow why. But the McDonald's in Germany used to make them with real ice cream. After both my children were born, that's what I wanted. A vanilla shake from McD's. Made hubby go through the drive thru on the way home with my daughter. With my son, he knew enough to bring me one in the hospital. LOL


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