Monday, August 07, 2006

You know you are addicted to poker when....

Not sure if I've talked about it much on my blog (it's hard to remember now), but DH and I have gotten really into watching poker on television. We started with Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo (I know I mentioned Phil Gordon being replaced by Phil Hellmuth), and now we watch it almost anytime that it is on. We are particularly addicted to the "High Stakes Poker" on the Game Show Network, which is a cash game played by lots of well known players, including one of our personal favorites, Daniel Negreanu. Yes, this is all related.

You know you are addicted to watching poker on television when.... you recognize a *dealer* on one show from another show you watched! We were watching High Stakes Poker this week, and DH says "is that the dealer from Celebrity Poker?" I hadn't actually seen the guy (I wasn't paying attention, and they rarely show the dealers), so we rewinded it so I could see (gotta love that DVR!). Sure enough, I was virtually positive it was the same guy, but we could not for the life of us remember which casino is home to High Stakes Poker (and we had come in late to the game, so we didn't have the opening in the buffer to go back and check). I wouldn't think that dealer turnover would be that bad, and certainly after changing casinos, a dealer couldn't have the kind of rank/seniority that would make them a candidate to deal a cash game with a $100,000 buy in. Sure enough, at the opening of tonight's episode, they said that they were playing at The Palms, the same casino where Celebrity Poker Showdown is usually played (except this season, which we won't even discuss). I guess we should be embarrassed. Not only do we know the players, we're starting to know the dealers! Sheesh.

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  1. I can recognize any designer from any of HGTV, TLC shows! Even Food Network stars. Does this count?
    Shalini - Home Improvement addict


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