Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dare I get my hopes up?

Some of you may recall that I was previously offered a contracting position with my old company that never panned out. (I should mention that I am still in possession of all the computer equipment they sent me, though.) Well, I have once again been contacted about a contracting position, this time by someone I have never worked with directly, but who sent out some feelers for names with certain skills, and had two different people contact him separately (one is a current coworker of his) and mention mine. It truly is flattering to be thought of so highly. It is a good opportunity, but there are a few other names on the list. I think if it were up to this guy, he would hire me, but it is ultimately up to the HR department. Guess we'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Currently feeling: hopeful


  1. Erin, I hope it works out for you this time! I know I was ready to leave DS (as much as I love him) at the daycare and go to work instead. heeee

  2. I hope you get it, Erin! :-)


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