Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chatty Cathy, er, Connie

Did you know that staying up until 1 AM will make you very tired the next morning? LOL I did so last night, but it was for a good cause, and I can only hope my husband doesn't feel too neglected at having been ignored all night. See, I spent about 4 hours on the phone last night, beginning around 8:30. I called Mom to try and breakdown the new Disney ticket pricing scheme. She has been living off old tickets up until now, so she had not had the "pleasure" of trying to deduce the best ticket configuration to purchase. Thankfully, DH and I managed to trudge through all of the number crunching last year, so I was able to offer some guidance. That took about an hour.

Fast forward 30 minutes or so, and the phone rings. This time, it was my best friend Connie. I think she and I have only actually spoken like twice since her daughter was born in September. Not a surprise, we certainly expected to have limited time with a newborn on the scene, but I still missed her, and she missed me as well. So she finally had some time last night and gave me a call, and we talked for 3 hours! I'm sure my husband was rolling his eyes, trying to figure out what we could talk about for that long, but we were just getting all caught up, and she was enjoying being able to tell baby stories to someone who hasn't heard them all yet. It was great fun and totally worth being tired today!

I've just had to put major effort into not dozing off during my *5* conference calls today. ::yawn::

Currently feeling: very tired

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  1. Ay caramba, FIVE!!! I hate being in any meeting when I've been up too late the night before! Hope you get some sleep tonight.


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