Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Luke's first snow

Well, technically not, it's just that last time, he looked like this:

This time, he was simply fascinated with it. I'll even admit to a little childlike giddiness looking at these huge clumps of white falling from the sky (well, at dinner; they were smaller once we got home). I can still hear it falling outside, which just seems odd to me. I don't feel like I should be able to hear something like snow falling. I'm sure there is some sleet in there, and we're all just praying that we're not iced in come morning. (Yes, all of my snow-savvy friends can laugh at we winter-weather-ignorant Southerners.) It didn't really start snowing until late, and I didn't have my camera with me at dinner, so I couldn't take any photos of Luke until we got home, by which time it was dark. I think the snow actually shows up better that way with the flash bouncing off the flakes, but it makes him a little washed out with the high contrast. I just wanted to go on and do it in case the snow is gone come morning.

He was good for about 10 minutes, though he didn't want to walk on it until DH showed him it was okay. Then he started shivering and saying he was cold (he was only wearing a turtleneck under his jacket), and there was starting to be some rain mixed in, so we came back inside. He still said it was fun, though.

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  1. I'm glad Luke got to experience some snow!! He is such a cute kid!


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