Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why yes, Wii were having fun!

Some footage from Christmas of my husband and brother, left and right respectively, playing tennis against each other on the Wii. And I have had a special request from The Princess herself to mention that it is Tigger sleeping watching coaching from the couch behind them.

The first video is about 30 seconds, the second is closer to 60. They may not be very funny to all of you, but we think they're pretty hilarious. You may even be able to see Jacob sneaking covert looks at the camera, trying to figure out if I am filming or not. I wasn't holding the camera (it was sitting on the table), so neither of them knew they were being filmed. And don't worry if you can't really understand what they are saying; I really posted it more for what they are doing.

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  1. I know how funny it is to witness! We had the same experience when we played in Hawaii on vacation with my cousins. We videoed my cousins, dad and uncle play doubles in tennis! :)


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