Friday, January 18, 2008

What a deal!

We're going out of town this weekend to visit my BIL and SIL in Wake Forest, NC. It is going to be substantially colder there than we are accustomed to here, generally speaking. Around here, as long as you have what I consider to be a heavy coat or jacket (I don't mean anything involving down or fur, just thinsulate is usually fine, or wool) and you aren't out and about for hours in the dead of night, you can get by just fine with very light weight long sleeved shirts (think long sleeved t-shirts) under your jacket. Given how bloomin' hot most places keep their interiors (I always swelter at Target, and even employees wear short sleeves because it is so hot in there), you want to be able to strip off your heavy coat and not have too much on underneath or you'd burn up. This includes Luke's daycare, which is why I don't bother buying him sweatshirts or sweaters or anything of that nature. However, BIL likes to keep their house on the cool side (and SIL is pregnant and hot all the time, so it is quite cool!), and even with a heavy jacket, Luke would probably be too cold in just a long sleeved t-shirt.

So I went out yesterday and bought him two thermal henleys for the travel days, and two sweaters for our full days there. Given that it is, you know, mid-January with colder temperatures on the way, of course all they have out now are shorts and tank tops! ::rolls eyes:: However, what little winter stuff they had was on clearance. As in super-duper clearance. How about $90 worth of clothing for $16! Now to me, that's not actually quite right, since I never would have paid the full retail price for those items in the fist place. $27 for a sweater for a child seems rather silly to me, since it isn't something that he will wear very much. However, I was fully expecting to pay $15 each for the sweaters and $8-10 for the shirts. Coming home having spent $50 would not have surprised me. I was thrilled with the clearance prices as they were marked (less than $10 for each piece). Then when I got to the register, the sweaters rang up at $3.50 each and the shirts for $4.20 each; I was shocked! I thought surely she had left off an item (or two or three). Apparently, there was a promotion for an extra 60% discount off the clearance prices! Woo-hoo! That means I get a +$34 in the checkbook, right?

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  1. And people like you are why I can purchase $128 wool sweaters for $20...because I *do* still get cold and have to wear layers and layers!!! Congrats on the bargains! I hope the retail industry never catches on that I'm not in the mood to buy short sleeves when it's 35 degress out!

  2. I love those bargains the best - the ones where you are already happy with the price, and then Surprise!, more comes off at the checkout. Fabulous! Hope you have a great weekend :)


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