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Disney 2009: The Twitter Recap

Just for my mom, who complained that she didn't get the Twitter updates. (Didn't think she needed them since she was there with us! LOL) I'd also like to save it for the fun of it, since it was the first time chronicling a Disney trip this way. It was fun! I hope all of you following along at home or on Facebook enjoyed it, too.

If you are looking for pictures, they will come with the trip reviews (still to be written). It was a 7 day trip, and there were over 1800 pictures. It's going to take some time. But, I did get my Project 365 daily pictures posted tonight (while catching up on DWTS before tomorrow) if you want to see a small taste. And now, I present:

Disney 2009: The Twitter Recap

Packing complete! 43 minutes and counting....
3:17 PM Mar 6th from web

Leaving 15 minutes late, but we're gone! Have a great week, everyone.
4:17 PM Mar 6th from web

Already had a panic attack, and we're barely out of town. I thought I had left my camera at home! Thankfully, it was in the trunk.
6:07 PM Mar 6th from txt

Really need to go to bed now, because 6 AM is going to be here very very soon. Night!
1:01 AM Mar 7th from web

We have officially departed. L slept an hour later than expected, so we are a bit behind, but that's ok. Will stop for lunch, then Disney!
8:37 AM Mar 7th from txt

At Disney Hollywood Studios. L *loved* Lights Motor Action. Did Star Tours & shopped. Eating @ Backlot now. Not sure what is next!
6:49 PM Mar 7th from txt

Leaving Studios. Saw Little Mermaid (still lame after Under the Sea section). Toy Story Mania had an hour wait, so had to skip for now.
8:51 PM Mar 7th from txt

At Magic Kingdom. Took a while to get going this AM. Arrived just after 10. Only did Buzz & WEDway. Currently dining at Liberty Tree Tavern.
6:33 PM Mar 8th from txt

Managed Haunted Mansion after lunch. Changes were interesting. Liked some, not others. Now heading back to Pop Century for a rest/nap.
7:43 PM Mar 8th from txt

On Pirates for last ride of the night. Had dinner at Starlight, then rode Big Thunder 4 times in a row during the parade! Great day at MK.
3:36 AM Mar 9th from txt

Did better this morning. Left just after 9 AM. At Epcot now. Already done Spaceship Earth. Now in line for Test Track.
8:56 AM Mar 9th from txt

Back from nap. Just finished dinner at the Mexico Cantina. Off to ride Norway boats, then see Chinese acrobats. A good day at Epcot so far!
5:52 PM Mar 9th from txt

At MK again today. Ran a touch late again this morning. Managed Peter Pan, small world, and carousel before lunch at Tony's. Nap to follow.
11:11 AM Mar 10th from txt

We are the final riders of the night on Pirates, our own private cruise. Did Big Thunder 3 times and Buzz once. A light day but a good one.
7:05 PM Mar 10th from txt

Animal Kingdom today. Did Nemo, which was wonderful. Everest twice, including once with Luke. Finishing lunch at Rainforest, then Safari.
11:15 AM Mar 11th from txt

Finished at AK for today. Did Safari, Flights of Wonder, lost & found my wallet, and Everest again. Now to Planet Hollywood for dinner.
4:24 PM Mar 11th from txt

Game day! Braves vs Nationals. Will play Fantasia mini golf before going to stadium. Hope to get in some shopping before dinner at T-Rex.
9:22 AM Mar 12th from txt

Just finished Fantasia mini golf. It was L's first time. Scores: E-46, R-55, S-54. Ha-ha! Didn't score L. Now take me out to the ballgame!
11:03 AM Mar 12th from txt

Finished at T-Rex. Not impressed. Amazing to see inside, but poorly managed, and *loud*. Food ok. Worth 1 visit for die hard dino fans only.
5:22 PM Mar 12th from txt

Had good morning at MK. Girls rode Space Mtn, boys did Speedway twice. L drove & had a ball! Lunch again at Starlight. Ready to nap now.
12:22 PM Mar 13th from txt

Our last night at MK. Love parade time. Thunder Mtn nearly empty! 4 times already & still going. Did teacups, Dumbo, & Philharmagic too.
7:35 PM Mar 13th from txt

Packing car now, then Studios for last day. Will probably leave 1-2 PM. Still have to make it to parents' house today. Pics next week.
8:09 AM Mar 14th from txt

If I ever again say I will go to a park the same day that park is hosting a competition, shoot me! Hour waits for everything. Not happy.
9:34 AM Mar 14th from txt

Studios bonkers! Only Rockin' Roller Coaster & Star Tours so far. Mania down w/ tech difficulties & no Fast Passes left.
12:03 PM Mar 14th from txt

Will end as we began, at Lights Motor Action stunt show, then leave Disney for this year. Not a great last day, but a great trip overall.
12:06 PM Mar 14th from txt

Home to 3 kitties, rain, and cold. Talk about a reality check. Will try to get some pics up later. Thanks Ginny & Justin for kitty-sitting!
7:51 PM Mar 15th from txt

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