Thursday, March 05, 2009

Femininity: A Conversation with Luke

Upon seeing one of the male Playhouse Disney monkeys dressed as a ballerina and pretending to be Rocket from Little Einsteins:

"Look, he dressed like a girl rocket. He not like you, Mom. You don't have a dress!"

Gee, thanks.

Currently feeling: not so girly

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  1. It's amazing what kids do absorb, it really is. My daughter figured out quite young that if Mommy had shoes on, Mommy was going somewhere. (Cuz my shoes are always the first things off the moment I get home!)

    As for being girly or not, I only wear dresses to church and to other special events! lol I got a dress for an upcoming formal event and my daughter declared that the purple color (probably about DMC 553) was "so not [me]" because it was too light a color.


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