Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Granny's Green Fob

It's good to have talented friends. That way, when you decide you want to do a crafty project that you have *no* idea how to do, you can just send the materials to your crafty friend, and she will do it for you! I had some very special green beads that I wanted to make into a scissor fob. The problem is, I have no idea how to do beading! (Hey, it's on the 101 List to learn; I just wanted it done sooner.) So I have to thank Shalini for making this fob for me. (Several other folks could have and would have done it for me; it just came up in conversation with her first.) I supplied the beads and the design; she supplied the wire, the clasp, and the skill. Thank you so much! Didn't she do a beautiful job?

Why are the green beads special? They were my grandmother's. Granny was well known as a pack rat. She was a very neat and organized one, though. If she kept it, she could tell you *exactly* where it was. It may be buried in the back right of the hall closet, but she could tell you exactly where it was and what box it was in. And trust me, no one could pack a closet (or a suitcase!) like she could. I have some of her talent in the packing department, but she was still much better at it.

After her death, we were going through her jewelry boxes to divide it up between the grandchildren, and we found these lovely green beads on safety pins. I'm sure they were from a broken necklace, though I don't actually recall her ever wearing the beads. If she were around for us to ask, she could have told us what necklace broke and when, and perhaps where she was and what she was wearing at the time! It is no surprise that she was unable to throw them away, even if she had no immediate plans for them.

Mom was just going to toss them, but I snapped them up. I have no idea if they are precious in any way, but they are precious to me because they were hers, and I had an idea. You see, Granny was also a crafter, and I think I am the only "crafty" grandchild, though I am sorry I didn't learn better (and more!) from her when she was around to teach me (like sewing; she was an amazing seamstress). I wanted to make a lovely fob from them for my stitching scissors to remind me of her. This is the result of that effort. I wanted the green beads to really stand out, so I went with silver beads with Celtic inspirations (she always loved my red hair) and clear spacers. I am so thrilled with how it turned out! It is just perfect, and I will treasure it always.

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  1. Wow - that is a beautiful fob all on its own, and that it has a special history and meaning for you makes it all the more so. :)

  2. It's beautiful, and I love the connection to family and meaning!

  3. Beautiful fob and even more beautiful memories. **Hugs**

  4. That is lovely, Erin, and a great way to remember your Granny :)

  5. Gorgeous fob!! What a nice way to remember your grandmother. :-)

  6. Hey I'm just seeing this. I was glad I could make it for you. It was a great idea to make the beads into a fob. If you want to learn, drop me a line. This really only requires 2 tools and a few spare minutes :)


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