Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Fingers healed, but fever returns

He's just trying to kill me, isn't he? Things were going so well! Sunday night after bath, Luke came downstairs asking for a bandaid for his fingers that he scraped so badly on Feb 6. Only there was no wound left. It was all healed! The scab must have come off in the bath. I was so thrilled, I nearly did a little dance in the middle of the living room. What a great start to March, after February being so full of medical issues. Before (just bandaids):

And after:

Now I don't have to take a truckload of bandaids to Disney, woo-hoo! It's still a little pink and raw, but healed nonetheless. (If you want to see the original wound without bandaids (ick warning!), click here.)

Yesterday, there was still plenty of ice and snow on the roads, and I am a great big chicken when it comes to driving on slippery asphalt, so I just kept Luke home with me. Mondays are usually pretty light, especially when most of the local schools were cancelled, so it wasn't a big deal. There probably weren't many kids there to play with anyway. Send him to school on Tuesday, my busy conference call day, and things will be fine.

Except that he had a fever of 101.6 when we put him to bed last night, and when I checked on him 2 hours later, he literally had not moved from the position or location he was in when we covered him up and kissed him good night. I had told DH that he seemed a little off at dinner, but I just couldn't really articulate why. Now we know. I hope it is just a "hit and run" virus that will be gone soon. He was in a very good mood this morning and his fever was nearly gone, so I gave him Children's Motrin and sent him on. They'll call me if he needs to be picked up. Please let this be over and done with, preferably with a couple of days recovery time to spare, before we leave for Disney! This is so not funny. I'm ready to be done with fevers!!

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  1. Sure seems like you've had your share for the next while! Hope the fever is all gone soon and you have a fantastic trip! :)


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