Monday, November 22, 2010

Bad Hair Day

I suppose it was inevitable. In fact, simply making it over 6 years before it happened is rather amazing. Luke took a pair of scissors to his own hair, lopping off half of his bangs. I'm concerned about a spot on his cheek, so every time I really look at his face, that tends to be what catches my eye as opposed to actually looking at his face overall. Consequently, we're not really sure when it happened; could have been Saturday or Sunday. I finally noticed it at dinner Sunday evening.

I didn't see the point in taking him to a professional. The damage was done. I trimmed the other side to match as best I could. There's a bunch of forehead up there now! We'll attempt to get it fixed before Christmas; it should have grown in enough by then to at least be helped by a pro.

Once again, so cliche! Reminds me of scratching his face right before school portraits last year. Did he do this a few days after his birthday party when there was nothing important going on for a month? Oh no! He waited until the weekend before Thanksgiving here in the US, when there will be tons of pictures, of course. I think he somehow figured out that I was going to call the photography studio to make a portrait appointment for the first week of December. Guess we'll be waiting until January.

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  1. Oy! Yep, so cliche, but cliche for a reason. Both of mine did that too. About 2 yrs ago I was rumaging in Katie's room for something and found a small box that orignially held some small toy was filled with her hair clippings. Apparently she had clipped several snippets from the back of her head along the hairline near her neck -enough to fill the box (which was a lot of hair even though the box was small). I hadn't even noticed her head cause it was so inconspicuous. When I found the hair though I found the spots on her head where she had cut it; how considerate of her to do it on the underside where it wasn't noticed. HA! How does a 4yr old come up with such an idea?

    Anyway, I think you did a good job of evening out Luke's hairline. It'll probably grow in just fine in time for Christmas. And now you have the event documented as amunition for the teenage years - you can threaten to share with his friends/girlfriend! :)


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