Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Kindergarten Play: Goldie and The Bears

We accidentally discovered on Thursday that the Kindergarten class would be performing at the PTA meeting the following Tuesday. It was in small type and buried in the bottom corner of the "this is what we've been doing this week" newsletter. No special note home, no nothing. I guess most kids came home talking about it the week or two prior when they were practicing, but naturally not our child. That would have been too easy! But we did make it.

I took some photos of his work that is posted in the hall outside of his classroom.

And ready to perform:

Then it was time for the meeting (blessedly short) and the entertainment! Here is a short clip:

No, I don't know what he was trying to say to me. Yes, he is supposed to look angry in the second part of the video. The lead (shown briefly) was played by a girl Luke has been in daycare with since he was 2. She's one of the only kids taller than he is, and she is about 6 months younger! (Her parents are both quite tall as well.) She also ended up in his Kindergarten class, so this is their 4th year together. We were very proud of all of them!

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