Sunday, November 07, 2010

Chocolate Love: The Answer

Several of you commented or emailed me regarding Luke's understanding of the lyrics of a song that I posted the other day. Thanks for playing along! I wanted to provide the answer for you. Think 80s hair metal....

Luke's Mondegreen Lyrics:
Chocolate love,
You're too late.
Shocking love,
bang bang.
And the answer:
Shot through the heart
and you're to blame.
You give love
a bad name!
For those who need the original source (even if you don't care for this style of music, these are literally the first lines, so you don't have to wait long, though it does repeat in the chorus):

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  1. Oh that's funny. No, I wouldn't have got that.

  2. That is rich! I enjoy Bon Jovi, but would not have guessed that. Thanks for not leaving us hanging for too long :-)


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