Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Dressing With Awesome-sauce

As a fundraiser for a local charity, the cafeteria at my father's school was selling pans of cornbread dressing; just bake and eat. Dad ordered one to try and help Mom with one less thing to cook. I believe he was supposed to pick it up Tuesday after school. However, with my grandfather admitted to the hospital Tuesday morning, that was not going to be possible. The following is the string of emails between Dad and the coordinator of the fundraiser (slightly edited to remove personal info and such).

Dad: I had to go to Waycross to be with my father in the hospital. I got the call before 7am this morning. Please do not worry about the dressing -- consider it a donation to the cause. Please take it home yourself or give it to one of your workers, with my compliments. Have a good holiday!

Ms. C: I am so sorry, Mr. Warren. I would like to help you still. You can come pick up the dressing at my house. That way your wife won't have to cook any. I would be more than happy to keep it there for you until you can get it. I will be home this evening after 5:30 and all day tomorrow. Please let me know.

Dad: Thanks for the offer, but do not worry about it. Chances are he will be in the hospital over the holidays, which means I will be as well -- we cannot leave him alone. Please see that the dressing goes "to a good home" for the holidays.

Ms. C: I thought you might like to know that the dressing will go to a needy family. A parent called the Guidance office asking for help with a Thanksgiving meal. Dr. W came to me saying she had everything except dressing. How about that? It actually brought tears to my eyes. So, thank you, Mr. Warren. Your generosity will help many people.

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