Saturday, November 13, 2010

Soccer Star!

When his soccer portraits arrived last week, I decided to save the reveal for today, knowing this post was coming. Luke played in his last soccer game of the season today. Everyone has improved over the course of the season, including Luke, and they definitely played well. Usually one of the teams dominates, but these teams were very evenly matched, and it was great fun to watch.

Afterward, the coach treated everyone to a pizza party at one of those "bounce house" places with all of the large blow-ups. Luke had fun on those:

He also had fun playing foosball and air hockey for the first time.

After playing *hard* for over an hour, it was time to eat. As is pretty standard for Luke, immediately following that type of caloric expenditure, he wasn't hungry. He just wanted to go play some more. At least, until the presentation started.

All we heard about for the first few weeks of the season was "will I get a trophy?" I suspected he would, but I didn't want to say yes if that was not the case. By the last game, he had forgotten about it until he saw some of the other teams getting theirs immediately following the game. I figured part of the reason for the pizza party was to hand them out, but again, I wasn't sure. He has *literally* carried that thing around the house with him ever since. Where he goes, it goes. I'll probably have to put my foot down about it going in the car on tomorrow's outing. But he is absolutely thrilled with it. He has come a long way since he first set foot on the field in September. We are so very proud of him!

Currently feeling: a very happy mom!

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