Monday, August 08, 2011

First Day of First Grade

Luke started 1st Grade today! He is very excited about not being a Kindergartner anymore, and we're excited for him. He feels like a big boy, his teacher is very nice, and he will be in the gifted and talented program. Hard to ask for much more than that as a parent. How about a few more pictures? Yes, I had to throw in the comparison shots.

See, for example, that his backpack seems to have shrunk.

I think maybe the front door shrank, too!

We were ready just a little early (didn't want to have to rush through pictures like last year), so he got to chill in the recliner for a minute. When did he get so big?! Remember this recliner shot? ::sigh::

The bus was about 5 minutes late, but that's fairly normal for the first day.

I guess things went well. He got a green smiley face and an "awesome" in his planner, something they are required by the principal to have (as in, you must purchase the ones provided by the school) starting in 1st grade. The cover is lenticular, so it looks 3D, with the globe pattern of the leaves coming forward, and the rest of the tree receding. (It doesn't photograph well, but it's really neat in person!)

Different teachers use them in different ways, but his teacher will report on his behavior daily, mention any special school work or assignments (like if it is his week for show and tell or something), and if he needs any supplies (like more crayons). We can also communicate with her by writing in the planner. Not a bad little system, I guess, just an adjustment.

Relaying details of his day has never been Luke's strong suit. All I could gather is that the teacher read a book to them, and they played. Sounds about right for the first day, I guess, since first graders don't really need to review the syllabus or anything. His requested post-school meal was Red Lobster. That will teach me to say "we'll go anywhere you want!" LOL (We were anticipating Stevi B's or IHOP, but we honored our word.) Here's to a wonderful new year!
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  1. Darling first pic up there. He looks so proud to be a big first grader! =) Hope he continues to get big green smiley faces. =)

  2. Why am I crying with a big smile on my face?


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