Sunday, August 21, 2011

Operation Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuit Clone

You may recall that my son asked to go to Red Lobster recently, just for the biscuits! This prompted me to find a much cheaper alternative, because that is just too expensive to do very often, especially if what he wants is the biscuits and not the other food (though he will eat the shrimp). I knew there had to be some clone recipes out there, and I was not disappointed. I found three fairly distinct versions of it, ranging from out and out simple to much more complex. Figured I may as well start with the simple one and go from there.

I put one on Luke's plate this afternoon for lunch. "What's this?" What does it look like? "Bread." Any special kind of bread? ::shrugs shoulders:: Why don't you try it? I really expected him to balk, but he didn't. He sniffed it, then took a big bite. I wish I'd had a camera ready. His whole face lit up with a huge smile! So what do they taste like? "Red Lobster biscuits!" Are they good? ::flashes two thumbs up while chewing his third bite:: Mostly we figure that means yes.

They're not perfect, but they're in the ballpark. I imagine one of the more complex recipes I have would be closer to authentic, and I'll probably tinker a tiny bit with this recipe. But if he's happy with them the way they are, and they are dead simple to make (literally took 20 minutes from start to finish), then I'm happy to make them for him. He even asked if we could have them at his birthday party! LOL I'm sure that can be arranged.

So, score one for me (and the internet)! We can now make Red Lobster biscuits at home. The recipe I used is here. I used Bisquick, and I think I might mix half the garlic powder into the dough itself next time. But for a "quick and dirty" clone recipe, it is great.

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