Sunday, August 28, 2011


(This is just me talking about a new site I love. No one asked me to post this, and I'm not getting anything for it, other than hopefully new people to follow! LOL)

Have you heard about Pinterest? It is my current online obsession! LOL I believe it is generally referred to as a "visual bookmarking" site. When you find a webpage and/or image that you want to remember, you can "pin it" to your "boards" on Pinterest. The board will then store both the image (there must be an image, or you can't pin) *and* the originating link, so you can go back to where you found it. You can also add your own caption to make it easier to remember what and/or why you pinned that particular item. You can organize them into whatever boards you want and name them whatever you want. You can pin things that you find on the web, or you can see what other people are pinning and "repin" those items directly from their boards. If you find people whose tastes mimic yours, you can "follow" them (similar to friending on Facebook or following on Twitter) so you can easily see what your favorite folks are pinning.

At first, I didn't see the big deal. I have a bookmark file in my browser, isn't that good enough? But I have to tell you, being able to look at the pictures all grouped together is awesome! My favorite board holds recipe links. I can flip through the images and check out my notes, and find something new and yummy looking to try. But I have other boards as well. Fun crafts I'd like to make, cute hairstyles or shoes I'd like to try, super smart home ideas, great quotes. Then there are the "just dreaming" types of boards, like fun shoes or dresses I know I will never wear, or jewelry I love but can't afford. Just things to look at and dream.

Anyway, I believe you can only get in by invitation, which means you have to know someone, or you have to request one and wait for it to come via email. I requested one, and I was invited in less than 72 hours. Can't promise yours would be that quick, but mine was. I would offer to invite you, but the number of invites each member can issue is extremely limited, and I've already used mine. (Sorry!) Shouldn't take too long, though, if you go the website invite route. It is still more or less in beta, so it does have the occasional technical issues and it does go down from time to time, usually due to excessive traffic. It usually doesn't take long to get back on track, though.

But the main reason I wanted to post was to find out if any of you are on Pinterest. I'm always looking for new people to follow, so if you're on Pinterest, please leave me a comment with your link or username so I can find you! I'm moviemuse, of course.

I have to warn you, though, it is the world's biggest time suck! (I mean that in the best possible way, of course.) You think Twitter or Facebook are bad? They don't hold a candle to Pinterest for me. I could lose hours there without even realizing it, and I did the first few days! I now literally have to set a timer and limit myself so I don't get lost in cyberspace. But I am having a blast! So if you're looking for me online and can't find me, I'm probably lost on Pinterest.

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  1. Thank you for getting me addicted to Pinterest!

    I haven't been scouring other people's pin boards, but I have been pinning madly as I surf the web. And sometimes finding something to pin sends me off linkhopping as one thing will remind me of something else I want to look for.

    It's especially awesome for when I'm at work with time to play and don't want to bother with emailing myself a page full of links that I'll then have to go through *again* to bookmark and categorize.

  2. This looks fantastic! I was actually wishing for something like this the other day. I just started blogging, and the blogging information is insane! I lose track of where good information is almost every day. And yes, I can bookmark, but you should really see how massive my bookmarking is becoming. And I'm rather visual, so seeing pics will help me remember why I needed to get back to that site...what was there that I wanted to read.


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