Sunday, August 14, 2011

Flash Card Funnies: A Conversation (or Two) With Luke

While running through his sight words this weekend....

Luke: For.
Me: Can you use it in a sentence?
Luke: We have four cats.
Me: No, this isn't the number four. It is the word for, like when you do something *for* someone. Can you read this sentence on the back of the card? [note: I hoped seeing it in context would help. I also had to help him with the word bought, but that's okay.]

Luke: I bought a toy for my self. [emphasis mine]
Me: Luke, you need to actually *read* the sentence, not just guess. What is that last word?
Luke: Oh, sister. But I want the toy!

Me (rolling eyes): Let's try another one.

Luke: To.
Me: Use it in a sentence.
Luke: I want two toys.
Me (sighing): No, this isn't the number two. [holds up another flash card]

Me: *This* is the number two. So if this [shakes the two card] is the number two, then what is this? [shakes the to card]

Luke: The letter to!

At this point, all conversation and flash card practice ceased, because DH and I couldn't stop laughing.

Currently feeling: where do they come up with these things?!

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