Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Open House - First Grade

Today was open house at Luke's elementary school. They were a little better organized this year, splitting the arrival times up by last name so there wasn't such a huge crowd when we arrived at 8 AM. We showed proof of residency, paid our PTA dues and other required fees (don't get me started). And then it was off to meet his First Grade teacher!

I really like his teacher as a person. Mrs. C is young with a big smile and obviously a big heart. Guess it remains to be seen what she will be like as a teacher, but I think she will be great for Luke. She is both very sweet and very down to earth, which I think is a great combination for a 1st grade teacher. I am kicking myself for not taking any photos while we were there. I should have at least taken his picture sitting at his assigned desk. He looks so grown up sitting at a real desk! (They only used tables with chairs in Kindergarten.)

After the usual hi-how-are-you type pleasantries, the first words out of her mouth were "wow, he's big!" LOL She even had him test out the desk and chairs to make sure his knees would fit under! They did, with a couple of inches to spare, but his legs are so long that the tops of his thighs are angled up towards his knees when he sits in the super-short chairs. I give him less than a week before he's flipped his chair over backwards while sitting in it (he likes to tilt them back, especially when the chair is too small/short for him). Can't believe he starts back on Monday!

Currently feeling: ready (well, maybe he is; not sure I am)

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