Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Another promise

Two rainbows in a week. What is this world coming to? This one I can see out my cube window, arching all the way across Piedmont Park. Just beautiful! Not nearly as bright nor as wide as the one I saw a few days ago, but much bigger and more "classic." Can't help but smile. :-)

I'm sure many of you are wondering what my recent fascination is with nature. Well, as a city girl, I just don't get to see much of it. This is primarily by choice; I'd rather be inside than outside any day! LOL So when nature does manage to creep in through the concrete walls of downtown, it is all the more amazing to me.

Shall I move on to a vent about leaves? They don't call it "fall" for nothin'. DH spent hours this past weekend bagging leaves out of our yard. Yesterday when I got home, there were twice as many leaves down. Why bother picking them up every weekend? Seems like we should just wait until they all come down, *then* bag them. Would probably annoy our neighbors, though. And now, with the rain today, they're all wet and everything. Bleck! Glad I'm not the yard person.

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