Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The dark ages

You know, back before everyone was electronically connected to everyone else? My entire building's connection to the server went down at work around Noon on Monday. The server itself was fine, we just couldn't reach it. No problem, right? Wrong! No email, no way to pull data (a major function of my job, especially the first 10 days or so of each month), no access to any of our shared drives, no internet (shock, gasp!) or intranet, no faxing, no printing. We were dead in the water with no way to communicate with anyone else except via phone! ARGH! After about an hour or so, I just sat here playing solitaire. There was literally nothing else I could do. Boss sent us all home around 4 pm. The connection was not restored for most of yesterday. I went home at 10:30, since I could reach the server via dail-up from my house. At least *something* was accomplished. Things seem to be back to normal today (thus I can blog!). How on earth did the business world function 25 years ago?!

Forgot to mention that the musings on The Matrix Revolutions are up now.

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