Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Gold and flame

Wow. I love the view from my cube. How many people can say that? As I've mentioned here before, my cube looks out across Piedmont Park in midtown Atlanta from the height of 9 stories. It is full of all kinds of trees (sorry, I have no idea what kind, I'm not a flora person). It's been fairly green up to now, with a few slightly turned patches here and there. But this afternoon, I'm suddenly seeing lots of changes. Plenty of reds coming out, with brilliant patches of yellow here and there. Hopefully the wind and rain will hold off long enough for me to enjoy it for a few days. It's always a shame to come in and see bare sticks. You can even see the houses sprinkled throughout sections of the park with all of the leaves down. Then spring comes and covers them, and we start all over. Such simple pleasures.

To completely change gears, it is also a simple pleasure to have things delivered directly to your door. For instance, Finding Nemo arrived on our doorstep yesterday. I love getting these things early! Haven't watched it yet, but soon. And the best part? Only 4 weeks until Pirates! YIPEE!!! *Ahem* Oh, and in stitching news (see, I do have some occasionally), my Just Nan Christmas order arrived. Charts and Embellishment Packs for: Snowfire Christmas, Christmas Elegance, Christmas Memories, and Tinsel Tapestry. I have also signed up for Chatelaine's Christmas Mystery (don't know what it looks like until you get the chart, in 12 pieces, one a month). Should be great fun! It better be, or I'll have to take it up with the person who talked me into it, LOL!

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