Monday, November 03, 2003

It just looks wrong.

Before I forget, the latest Movie Musings are up. This time, Runaway Jury, Love Actually (sneak preview), and Brother Bear. Enjoy!

You have probably noticed from reading this blog that I am a terrible speller. No, really, I am. It's just not a gene I was blessed with (unlike my parents and brother). So I tend to doubt my abilities in this arena. Today, I had to look up the words "system" and "size." Granted, these seem to be fairly simple words, and they are. In fact, I have been spelling them (correctly) for many many years. Why, then, did I suddenly feel the need to look them up today? Because they just looked wrong! No matter how many times I typed them or spell-checked them, they still didn't look right. I don't know if it was the font they were typed in (on someone else's spreadsheet), or what; they just looked "off" somehow. Now, they look fine, but for a few minutes there, I was really stressing. I have this problem on occasion, usually with very common words (last week sometime, it was chair). Guess I'm just weird, but then, you already knew that. ;-)

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