Thursday, November 06, 2003

Bronze or marble?

I had an idea of something to blog on as I drove in to work this morning. I got sidetracked by events at work, then it was time to eat (and I was starving). I get back to my desk with my food, only to talk to my brother and find out he was in a car accident. He's fine, his truck is fixable, they guy who hit him had insurance (albeit not good insurance), and it happened right in front of a cop, who not only cited the other guy at fault for the wreck, but also issued him a ticket for running the red light that caused the accident in the first place. So yes, it could have been much worse. But my mother was in two accidents in two weeks back in August, and now this.

I am just irrationally angry about it at the moment. Don't get me wrong; I'm grateful he's not hurt! But I'm angry about it, too. It's just so stupid! If people would just follow the freakin' rules, we wouldn't be having these kinds of problems. Is that really so much to ask? And three wrecks in the family in three months is a little much for anyone to take, I think, especially since my parents live 6 hours away, and my brother is all the way down in Miami. I feel so useless, unable to help or comfort, except by phone. As my dad says, "When do I get to be the pigeon? 'Cause I'm sure tired of being the statue!"

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