Friday, November 07, 2003

it's a small world after all.....

Now that you'll be humming that the rest of the day, if not the entire weekend, my work here is finished! ::evil cackle::

No, really, I do have a point. I was noticing on my drive in this morning that I often see the same cars while commuting. Now this may not seem strange to you, but considering that I drive from an Atlanta suburb all the way into midtown Atlanta, I find this quite surprising. There are literally thousands of other people on the roads with me. How likely is it that I will see the same vehicle again and again? I'm not taking just once or twice. I see a particular blue van (recognizable by its proliferation of bumper stickers) 2-3 times a week. But I never see, or at least notice, being with the same cars on the way home. They always seem to be different. Just my random observation for today.

Have a great weekend everyone! "See" you on Monday.

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