Thursday, October 18, 2007

Atlanta Parent Block Party

Okay, so I finally got to sit down and fiddle with the pictures from our weekend excursion. There was a fall family festival, known as the Atlanta Parent Block Party, held at the Mercer University Chamblee-Dunwoody campus last weekend. They had one single major reason I insisted we attend, and I'll get to that in a minute. The rest I figured we could check out and just see what Luke wanted to do. It didn't start until 10, and he absolutely has to eat lunch by 11:30 (if we know what's good for us), so we knew we really wouldn't have much time, but I still wanted to take him. And he seemed to have fun, even if DH and I didn't too much. We were both much more tired than we should have been. (I'm guessing the fact that we were both running fevers less than 48 hours later is probably not coincidental.)

We started out with something simple: a moonwalk. These are the air-inflated play things. Most of them were too big for him (marked age 5+), and he didn't want to go in. This one was smaller and obviously geared for younger kids, and he liked it. The thing he liked most was he didn't have to take off his shoes. He wanted to go down the big slide they had at another location, but taking off his shoes (while outside) was a deal-breaker! LOL He also got brave enough to hug the bird mascot that was walking around.

The other reason I wanted to take him (besides the big one; I'm getting there!) was to ride the little train they had running. He has suddenly gotten rather into trains (though still not Thomas, which is probably good given all the recent recalls), so I thought this one might be fun for him. One of the cars had a flat tire, so they were down to carrying only 8 folks at a turn, which means the line didn't move very well. He was very patient, though, and kept himself entertained:

Finally, the train arrived, and off they went! Upon their return, we tried out the (very tiny) petting zoo nearby. I think this was the only animal he touched for more than a fraction of a second, but he still got a big kick out of it. All of the animals were miniatures, so they had a pony, a cow, a pig, three goats, and two sheep all in an area about the size of two parking spaces. I got a few other shots, but this one is by far the best of them.

And last, but not least, on our way out, I snapped this photo of him standing beside the thing that was the entire reason we went: the firetruck! What is it with boys and firetrucks anyway? LOL But he was thrilled beyond words, and I'm so glad we took him, just for this single moment.

Oh, before I forget, we also got Luke's fall school portraits back last week. They were okay, not as good as the last ones. I only bought two sheets. I had just had his 3-year-old portraits made on Oct 8, and those turned out much better (and are of historical significance, but I'll share that story when those arrive sometime next week), so I didn't want to buy many of these (which were much more expensive!). But still, it is so hard to resist photos of him! The color is a little wonky, due to the scanner I'm sure. I touched them up a bit, but the reds and greens in particular look a little weird. They look better in person, I promise!

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  1. Goodness. It's been to long since I've seen this boy in person. He looks fantastic and he's grown so much!

    I'm so glad that he had fun and I hope that everyone is back to feeling good quickly.

  2. If it's not trains it's firetrucks! Mehul is big time into Firetrucks, though he hasn't been near a real one! Might have to make an outing to our local firestation.

    He's such a handsome boy!


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